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Additional making characteristics:

1. All the shoes are entirely handmade (they are cut, sewn and mounted manually) and this is the reason why 20 days from the placement of the order until the final shipping to the customer are required.

2. They are made with top quality and processing, genuine Italian and Greek leather which fulfills all the necessary standards (moisture content, thickness and texture). The same stands for the fabrics, which are of special durability and come with a cotton underlay.

3. The crystals used are in exclusive collaboration with Swarovski company.

4. All shoes have a special foam soft underlay in the insole, which makes them particularly comfortable when walking, since this allows the foot to have the right bevel without any strain being put on the ankles or the arch.

5. High- heeled shoes are reinforced with a special metal panel between the insole and the sole, which provides the tread with extra backing keeping the center of gravity stable.

6. Finally, the quality of making is apparent in every detail, as it is the case with the sole that is made with genuine, velvety textured leather. Moreover, the GIORGIO FATOURO logo is placed in the inner part of every shoe in the form of an embossed docket with special curvature, so that the walker is not annoyed.

The details 1