The Designer

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The women that the designer addresses are all these women that he describes in his thanking note below. They are women of intense prestige and special class. The designer himself believes in the personal style of each and every woman, which is beyond fashion and trends. Thus, he suggests colors and designs to match the personality and the profile of the women who his audience consists of without any restraints or norms.

His designs reflect his personality and his character and are based on his general philosophy: “Every new piece of work, every new collection is like a big orchestra. It consists of the instruments -which are the materials, the leather, the ornamental items- and, of course, of the important musicians –who are the people that have worked methodically in order to create a beautiful and aesthetically impeccable outcome. I value and respect each and every instrument and member of this orchestra and I try to communicate this, so that all of us can achieve perfect harmony.”


Every pair of shoes that comes out of the production department is checked by GIORGIO FATOURO himself before its boxing up and final shipping. For this reason, control and boxing take place in a specially designed place of his own, which he calls MASTER HALL.



“I have always admired women who are able to harmoniously combine their clothes with different jewels and accessories, such as scarves and gloves, and I have always believed that a beautiful pair of shoes is what can elicit a marvelous style. In a world full of women, women who are dynamic, shy, career women, persistent, rebellious, giving ones, who are friends or mothers, I will always be inspired by them and they will fascinate me… Thus, influenced by everything that I love and everything that I admire, I created a very special line of pumps, sandals, lace-up ankle boots… I singled out the most attractive, the most special and the most elegant ones and I present them to you… I hope you will find your own special pair… Cordially, Giorgio Fatouro"