The showroom

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In the heart of Athens, Giorgio Fatouro created a unique showroom, exclusively dedicated to women who adore elegant shoes… What dominates in this place, which was taken care of by the designer himself, according to his personal taste and standards, is the Parisian aesthetics and the French style.

Combining the different colors of the leathers and the aromas of the coffee, as well as the hot brunch that is served to the ladies who visit the showroom, he succeeds in performing a pleasant ritual, which is seen only in the most famous fashion houses abroad.

Above all, what surprises us the most, besides the wonderful and warm “welcome” to his clients, is the placement of the shoes, as wherever you may sit, you can admire all the shoes from each and every side of them.

Of course, the designer’s presence there – is not only to give styling advice to his clients, but also to help them choose the pair of shoes that can definitely highlight their personal style.

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As Giorgio Fatouro says, his purpose – apart from the ultimate aesthetics is to give a dynamic to the ladies who wear his creations, so that when they enter a room, they make people's eyes target nowhere else, but them...

This will strengthen their confidence and will create a sensation around their presence, as the designer says…

We have nothing better to do than to trust him and to be left in his hands… or his shoes!


SHOWROOM - by appointment only
 3 Zoodochou Pigis & Akadimias str - 6th floor, 10678 Athens, Greece
 +30 6932 910021
Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 20:00 (GTM +02:00)
Saturday: 10:00 - 18:00 (GTM +02:00)

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